Because Mole National Park offers a unique opportunity to encounter elephants and other big game on foot and up close, Zaina Lodge offers two styles of safari: driving and walking. Walking and driving safaris last one to three hours in duration, depending on the destination. Safaris depart in the early morning, around 6 or 7 a.m , and include coffee and breakfast. Safaris also depart again in the afternoon around 3 or 4 p.m. Zaina Lodge also plans to offer nocturnal driving safaris in the future. Species visible at night include crocodiles, hyenas, and galagos (also known as bush babies).

Driving Safari

Our four customized Toyota safari vehicles each carry up to nine people, including a guide and driver, in air-conditioned comfort and bucket seats, each with unobstructed window views. We have added a custom pop-up roof to the vehicles, allowing passengers to easily stand and raise the roof above their heads for optimal wildlife viewing and photography.

Driving safaris cover terrain throughout the southeastern portions of the Park, including open hardpans covered with grass, waterholes, forest, and manmade “hides” where visitors may observe wildlife from outside the vehicles. passed down through generations and complemented by our extensive training program.

Walking Safari

Guests on walking safari may be able to approach elephants or other wildlife within a few meters, at the guide’s discretion. Guides are deeply knowledgeable about the park’s flora and fauna and willingly share what they know about the 350 bird species, 93 mammal species, 33 reptile species and innumerable flowers, plants and invertebrates that make up the Park’s ecosystem. Walking safaris are not generally physically strenuous and rarely cover more than a couple of kilometers in a two-hour period.

Canoe Safari

Come discover life line of the park, Mole River by canoe . It is an excellent river for first-timers or group trips because of its meandering and gentle flow.

A 40 minute drive from Zaina Lodge , the canoe safari on the Mole River can be one of the most relaxing, healthy, and enjoyable ways to spend an hour , with the folks of Mognori!

The Mole River is an ideal river for canoeing! Dense forest borders the waterway along most of the trail with the only mark of civilization being an occasional pasture land. A house is rarely visible from the river. The river is one of the few that flow through the park and is a lifeline to the communities and the fauna alike.

Imagine being squeezed into smooth-flowing narrows between the high banks, interrupted by the occasional elephant or wart hog. The flood plain abounds in wildlife of all kinds from antelope to wild hogs. Water fowl, herons, egrets, ibis, greater kingfisher, malacite kingfisher and many other kinds of birds are abundant throughout the course of this trail.

Sun downers @ Zaina

The sundowner has been referenced in literature since the 1950s and its here that you have the opportunity to live it. Having just returned from a drive through Mole park or a walking safari there is no better way to excite the exhausted than an oasis of glasses, an ice bucket, and bottles of scotch, gin, and a few mixers. Clinking glasses and toasting to setting

African sun is an experience in itself. The tradition of marking the end of a day with a drink endures in any place where you can actually view the sun sinking and there can be no better place in West Africa , than the infinity deck of the Zaina pool that unfolds the drama of the sinkingsun and the darkening sky.

The expert mixogist will assure that you have the tallest and the coolest drinks made of gin , rum or vodka to entice you to the night that will unfold.