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Zaina Lodge, it’s a quintessential of safari accommodation, fantastic private tents with all you need there incl. air conditioning! Beautiful design with great attention to detail.
Well thought through public areas with a pool and incredible views over the whole Mole National Park. In immediate proximity 2 ponds where you can expect animals to come to drink water or like we were lucky, over 30 min spectacle of 4 elephants playing in water and sand! Unforgettable moments!
You can take part in an early morning safari ride through the park with George who is an experience guide and will track animals like second to non! after 3 hour drive and spotting all there is to see you will be welcomed back at the lodge with wonderful breakfast, one that you would expect at 5 stars hotel not in the middle of the bush! Staff is well trained and very friendly ! I regret I could only spend 1 night but I will be back I love the place.


This is a top-notch resort where the staff go out of their way to make guests feel comfortable and at home. Everything happened as we expected–zero problems. Our room was clean, cozy, comfortable and had a fantastic view from the front porch. The bed was outstanding and it was difficult to get up in the morning because it was so comfortable. The food was very good, with generous portions and prompt service. The bar was well-stocked, and with the full-package the included drinks were generous in amounts.

We experienced the morning and afternoon driving safaris and were able to see elephants up close along with all of the other animals native to the park. Each vehicle was comfortable and had two very knowledgeable guides: one from the lodge and one from the Forestry Commission. They were pleased to answer all of our questions. During each morning safari were served a tasty picnic lunch which included first-class coffee (Ethiopian).

We made a mistake by booking our return flight from Tamale to Accra too early–we should have taken the last flight of the day. In order to meet the 1pm flight, we had to leave the lodge around 9am. Even so, the Lodge kindly accommodated our tight time schedule by giving us a safari starting earlier than usual.


This is a 5 star resort! Everything from the food quality at the restaurant to the beautiful Infiniti pool overlooking the national park…..excellence is the priority. The staff is friendly and helpful and during breakfast we were able to see an elephant come and refresh in one of the ponds located just yards away from the accommodations. The rooms have 1 queen sized bed per room so they are best suited for a couple or single occupancy. The rooms are very nice and certainly have a very romantic flare. I would highly recommend this for a couple who wants to get away and enjoy first class amenities in a national park setting. They also offer a safari outing but you will want to make sure you book it early as they were already full when we arrived.

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Ghana isn’t the most common safari destination, but a new luxury safari lodge in the country might be an incentive to attract more travelers: Zaina Lodge opened recently in northern Ghana in Mole National Park, the country’s largest game reserve. The 25-room lodge is on a ridge overlooking the savanna and has a view of two watering holes rich with wildlife such as antelope, waterbuck, baboons and elephants. Local everything is an emphasis at the property — local grass, stone and teak are used for roofing, walls, paths and furnishings; over half of the staff are from the area; and local shea butter is used to make furniture polish, soaps and body lotions. Sustainability is also a priority; the lodge has LED lighting and a solar-powered water system. The rate is $350 per person, per night, all inclusive.




You’ll have to forgive how late this post is, especially the staff and management of Zaina Lodge.

Not because I’ve been paid to say anything(trust me I wasn’t) but because after my experience there and warm reception I feel like I’ve done them a disservice by not shouting it on top of a roof earlier.


Truth is I did write a post, and when I accidentally deleted it I was so furious I kept staring at the blank page willing it all to magically reappear.If you follow my blog you will know that every piece I write is from an honest and authentic place. And when you spill all your emotions on a page it’s sometimes a little hard to rewrite everything.And so for weeks I’ve been waiting for the feelings to come back so I can say exactly how this surreal place made me feel.

First of all I have to be honest, getting me to go there was tough. I mean I had heard about the awful journey from Tamale to the Mole National Park and just how terrible the road was.

And as much as the thought frightened me, it was the unknown that scared me the most.

See I’m all for an adventure, I don’t mind a few bad turns on my road to paradise, it adds to the excitement actually. Hustling to get to a place and then finally getting there and it being absolutely worth it is very inviting.

But on several occasions, kind of like when you order food at a restaurant and the food looks nothing like the pictures advertised, a lot of Hotels, Resorts etc were exactly like that.

It didn’t help that the pictures on their website looks like something out of this world, and their Safari pictures looked liked something that had been picked of another website, probably one more authentic.

Hey don’t blame me for my thoughts, like I said I’ve had more than my fair share of disappointing resorts and I was a proud Skeptic.

But boy/ girl( just so we have some gender balance) was I wrong.

Ok so I was picked up from Tamale Airport, and as the driver lead us to the car I had psyched myself up for the type of car and long dusty road ahead.

The car, well the picture says it all, and the road left me thinking maybe we should give the government some credit.

The residents told me they road had never been done in the nearly 50 years (not so sure) the national park had existed.

I couldn’t believe it.

Because I couldn’t imagine how there couldn’t have been a road to one of Ghana’s popular tourist attractions.

My anxiety over the trip was slowly fading away and being replaced by admiration. Thanks to the smooth road I was able to take in the beauty of the North and just how much of it I wish I’d known about or seen earlier.

After nearly 2 hours, I began to get restless. “Are we almost there yet?” I continuously asked our driver , poor guy’s ears must have been irritated.

I was still a little anxious but from how good the trip was going so far I couldn’t wait to get to the lodge and see if it was everything it claimed to be.

And from the minute we drove to the entrance of Zaina Lodge as the staff and management waved and welcome me I knew this wasn’t going to be just another Lodge.

IMG_0280-514x343Some of the Staff and Management of Zaina Lodge

image-3-514x514My beautiful earthy room and magnificent view

From the beautiful architecture, which reflected on the culture of its town and people, to the earthy yet comfortable rooms and the breathtaking view ; Zaina Lodge had in that instance captured my heart.

The pictures online didn’t do the place justice , because the feeling I got as I sat on my balcony and watched the animals drinking from the pond right in front of me was something no amount of pictures could truly capture.

Food! Oh the food, I don’t even know where to begin with that. I can still almost taste the tomato soup I had on my first day(Still waiting on the recipe Chef). The BEST tomato soup I’d ever had.


I can’t even talk about the desserts and how every minute it seemed the chef was on a mission to constantly impress me. At some point my mouth couldn’t keep up. I wanted it all and yet still wanted the savor the taste of each item they placed in front of me.


Like OLIVER TWIST I want more! No I Needed more. How was I going to get back to my kenkey eating reality after this?

The SAFARI! If anyone had told me, “Lydia you’re going to get close enough to take a selfie with an elephant someday” I’d probably think they were on crack. But as it turned out , not only did I get my selfie( can’t post the picture because the look on my face though) I got to walk close enough to look them in the eye.



“Are we really still in Ghana?” I kept asking myself from time to time. And how would anyone believe what I was experiencing?

From having breakfast in the middle of the park surrounded by animals, to going on a canoe safari and seeing birds I’d only ever seen on TV and books, and meeting a man who’d survived a lion attack and lived to tell it. I had experienced more in two days on this trip that I had in all my years of traveling. And that’s saying something because you all know my arse never sits in one place for too long.image-7-514x343Me and my Elephant family. 🙂


IMG_0086-514x343Canoe Safari

As I waved the staff and management good bye, I was filled with pride, that this is in Ghana, my GHANA.

Zaina Lodge has set a standard that I don’t know if anyone else can duplicate and if they do, will need to be very hardworking to keep up.

I thought initially that I was special, well I am after all Lydia Forson right? So maybe they were being extra attentive and nice to me. I mean what manager had the time to talk at length with a guest, and how was the chef able to make specialized food for me each day? Even eggless pastries for my friend who didn’t eat eggs? How were there able to remember nearly everything about me and what I needed ?

Until I realized other guest were there and each felt and was treated good as I was.

If you want to disappear into a world of perfection and live like you’re walking on the moon for a while, this is for you.

Thanks Zaina Lodge for your warm reception and for pushing Ghana Tourism this far. I do hope this continues and hopefully you can maintain the high standard you’ve set.

And yes I’m most definitely coming back soon.





Yagazie Emezi at Zaina Lodge

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storyThe shower’s rush is vigorously, massaging my aching back from weeks of monotonous routine back in the city, with the heat from the splashing water giving me a soothing knead. I am most excited that in a few short hours, I have arrived in Zaina Lodge, the new high-end accommodation facility being put up here in the Mole National Park in Northern Region. I’ve already seen elephants splattering in the watering holes right below us about 500 meters away, and also the stunning beauty of the horizon, with the expanse of savannah greenery, which rolls out far into the distance and gives off a really beautiful backdrop! As I take this quick shower, just to freshen up, I think of the cold Club beer I just saw in the ice chest in my room.

I come to sit with Andy, the CEO of the lodge on my balcony gazing at the elephants as they play in the waters below, after my refreshing shower, to have a beer and lunch. Ema has just appeared with a large tray, on which is arranged some rather very delectable fare! I swallow immediately upon setting my eyes on what I can describe as a feast for the eyes, the nose and eventually when I taste them, for the tongue! This is incredible cooking, I am thinking, it is definitely gourmet, and as I listen to Andy describe how he believes they can sustain attracting guests, which includes always providing fantastic first class food, I understand why!

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Accra, Aug. 24, GNA – Mrs Araba Aikins Dodoo, Sales and Marketing Manager, Zaina Lodge has noted that the United Nations World Tourism Organisation regional conference was an opportunity to acquire information to promote growth and development of the tourism industry.

Ecolodge Mole Operating Company Limited, operators of Zaina Lodge at the Mole National Park, participated in the conference, held in Accra last week, to meet players in the industry for possible partnership to enhance domestic tourism.

The conference on the theme: “Enhancing Brand Africa-Fostering Tourism Development,” was to explore how African destinations could successfully build a strong brand in an increasingly competitive marketplace and the constantly changing business environment.

It was also to create synergies among African countries towards greater cooperation in the promotion and positioning of a common African tourism brand.

Areas of discussion during the conference include positioning and branding, e-communications, media relations, crisis communications, public-private partnership and resources and capacity building.

The conference brought together a number of tourism Ministers to set a common action plan to advance African’s image and brand as a tourism destination.

Mrs Dodoo said that the company decided to participate because it was an ideal platform to interact with the business community and also check and evaluate competition in the tourism sector.

She said the company was also participating, because of the strong brand building and networking environment the conference offered.

“As a company we believe in conservation, involving the community, promoting the local culture and the provision of high end eco-tourism accommodation services,” she added.

“We seek to accomplish, this goal through the provision of high-end tourism and accommodation services in selected rural destinations throughout Ghana,” she said.

Mrs Dodoo commended the “Explore Ghana” project by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts’ to promote domestic tourism.

She said Zaina Lodge was changing the face of tourism in the country by offering a new chapter of hospitality, where they provide unique opportunity for tourists to encounter elephants and other big game on foot and up close. They offer two styles of safari; Driving and walking Safari.

The 25-room lodge is being constructed in two phases, 17 of the planned 25 luxury tent suites would open this year, along with a central dining facility, bar and a swimming pool.