Zaina’s Mission


Beauty, luxury, relaxation.

Zaina’s mission is to deliver shareholder value while promoting community & economic development & environmental conservation. We seek to accomplish this goal through the provision of high-end tourism & accommodation services in select rural destinations throughout Ghana.  

Opening a new chapter of hospitality.

Zaina promotes community development through the creation of viable rural businesses that provide local employment, generate local sources funding, and develop tangible community-owned assets in the form of lodge ownership, ancillary businesses, and demand for local sourcing. Zaina promotes economic development through the execution of a sound business model that delivers solid returns to investors. Zaina will catapult the profile of tourism of Mole National Park and Ghana in general. Zaina promotes environmental conservation by strengthening community-run and national wildlife sanctuaries, providing local communities with the resources and incentives to protect their natural capital.    

Welcome to Zaina Lodge

Zaina offers unparalleled service and luxury accommodations in exclusive locations in Ghana’s National Parks and community wildlife destinations. We partner closely with communities and governments alike, and can promise you a truly once in lifetime experience. Zaina Lodge at Mole National Park looks out over seemingly endless savannah and two busy waterholes frequented by many of the aforementioned animals. Take a guided walking tour or vehicle Safari just steps from your front door. Relax at the infinity pool, outdoor bar fire pit, or restaurant and take in the sights. All 25 rooms are individual luxury tented chalets, complete with private balconies and indoor and outdoor showers for those who like to bathe under the stars. Mole National Park is the largest game reserve in Ghana. Situated in the northwest corner of the country, Mole was reserved in 1958 after Ghanaian independence and then gazetted as a national park in 1971. Fed by the Lovi and Mole rivers, over 90 mammal species have been identified within the park. These include, but are not limited to: elephant, waterbuck, kob, bushbuck, hippo, warthog, water buffalo, hyenas, and baboon. A large number of birds and reptiles can also be seen.