It’s a must when you in Ghana ~ jacek553 (tripadvisor)

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It’s a must when you in Ghana ~ jacek553 (tripadvisor)

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Zaina Lodge, it’s a quintessential of safari accommodation, fantastic private tents with all you need there incl. air conditioning! Beautiful design with great attention to detail.
Well thought through public areas with a pool and incredible views over the whole Mole National Park. In immediate proximity 2 ponds where you can expect animals to come to drink water or like we were lucky, over 30 min spectacle of 4 elephants playing in water and sand! Unforgettable moments!
You can take part in an early morning safari ride through the park with George who is an experience guide and will track animals like second to non! after 3 hour drive and spotting all there is to see you will be welcomed back at the lodge with wonderful breakfast, one that you would expect at 5 stars hotel not in the middle of the bush! Staff is well trained and very friendly ! I regret I could only spend 1 night but I will be back I love the place.

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