Zaina Story


storyThe shower’s rush is vigorously, massaging my aching back from weeks of monotonous routine back in the city, with the heat from the splashing water giving me a soothing knead. I am most excited that in a few short hours, I have arrived in Zaina Lodge, the new high-end accommodation facility being put up here in the Mole National Park in Northern Region. I’ve already seen elephants splattering in the watering holes right below us about 500 meters away, and also the stunning beauty of the horizon, with the expanse of savannah greenery, which rolls out far into the distance and gives off a really beautiful backdrop! As I take this quick shower, just to freshen up, I think of the cold Club beer I just saw in the ice chest in my room.

I come to sit with Andy, the CEO of the lodge on my balcony gazing at the elephants as they play in the waters below, after my refreshing shower, to have a beer and lunch. Ema has just appeared with a large tray, on which is arranged some rather very delectable fare! I swallow immediately upon setting my eyes on what I can describe as a feast for the eyes, the nose and eventually when I taste them, for the tongue! This is incredible cooking, I am thinking, it is definitely gourmet, and as I listen to Andy describe how he believes they can sustain attracting guests, which includes always providing fantastic first class food, I understand why!

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